Southern Drifters


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    • Cashmore Cowpokes


      WHEN: 8th - 9th February, 2020
      WHERE: Portland Pistol Club, Portland Airport, VIC (Yes, really!)
      NOM FORM: Helldorado Nom Form

    • Kenton Valley

      John Wayne

      WHEN: 5th April 2020, match will go ahead as planned with some temporary facilities
      WHERE: Kenton Valley Pistol Club, SA
      NOM FORM: John Wayne Nom Form

    • Victorian State Titles

      Rivers of the West

      WHEN: 7th - 9th March 2020
      WHERE: SSAA Cardross Range - near Mildura
      FLYER: VIC State Titles Flyer
      NOM FORM: VIC State Titles Nom Form

    • Queensland State Titles

      Battle of Boyne Valley

      WHEN: 1st - 3rd May 2020
      WHERE: SSAA Gladstone Branch, Calliope, QLD
      FLYER: QLD State Titles Flyer
      NOM FORM: QLD State Titles Nom Form

    • Winter in Yellowrock Canyon

      WHEN: 16th - 17th May, 2020
      WHERE: Murray Bridge Pistol Club, SA
      NOM FORM: Yellowrock Nom Form

    • Bunker Siege

      WHEN: 6th - 7th June, 2020
      WHERE: Bendigo Bushrangers, East Bendigo, VIC
      NOM FORM & Details: Bunker Siege Nom Form

    • Victorian Black Powder State Championships

      Battle at Walkers Creek

      WHEN: 11th - 12 July 2020
      WHERE: SSAA Eagle Park Range, VIC
      FLYER: VIC BP State Titles Flyer
      NOM FORM: VIC BP State Titles Nom Form

    • Heartland Territorial Championships

      Another Roll of the Dice

      WHEN: 23rd - 26 July 2020
      WHERE: Gold Coast Pistol Club, QLD
      FLYER: Heartland Flyer
      NOM FORM: Heartland Nom Form