Southern Drifters


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  • Portland 2017

    WHEN: 1-2 July
    WHERE: Portland Pistol Club, Cashmore VIC
    FLYER AND NOM FORM: Range War 2017 Flyer and Nom
    DIRECTIONS: How to get there

    Cashmore Cowpokes first open, let's make it a good one!

    PLEASE NOTE: B Western was inadvertently left off the nom form - fixed now!

  • Battle at Walkers Creek 2017

    Black Powder only match

    WHEN: 8th July - 9th July
    WHERE: Little River Raiders, SSAA Eagle Park Range, Little River VIC
    FLYER AND NOM FORM: Walkers Creek 2017 Flyer and Nom

    There's nothing like the smell of gun-smoke in the morning

  • The Heartland Territorial 2017

    WHEN: 26 July - 1 August
    WHERE: The Gamblers, Gold Coast Pistol Club, Southport QLD
    FLYER: Heartland 2017 Flyer

    NOM FORM: Heartland 2017 NOM FORM

    Another Roll of the Dice


    WHEN: 17-20 August
    WHERE: Frontier Shooting Club, Virginia SA

    Get your nomination form in, noms close 21 July, entries capped at 140.

  • ACT State Championships 2017

    WHEN: 27th - 29th October
    WHERE: Majura Rangers (ACT), SSAA Majura Range
    FLYER & NOM FORM: ACT State Championships

    Tales of the Texas Rangers

  • Chisholm Trail 2017

    Open Invitational Single Action Championships

    WHEN: 25th September - 1st October

    WHERE: SSAA Millmerran Range, Captain's Mountain, QLD

    Flyer and Nom form to come asap

  • Rawhide 2017

    WHEN: 18-19 November
    WHERE: Little River Raiders, SSAA Eagle Park Range, Little River VIC
    FLYER: Rawhide 2017 FLYER
    NOM FORM: Rawhide 2017 NOM FORM